Netflix: this cartoon is the most viewed on the platform!

On the Netflx platform, there are different types of programs. However, among the animated platform, one stands out.

We cannot say that the SVoD platform lacks content in short. Thus, on Netflix there is an anthology of series of all kinds. Outraged movies, cartoons. Moreover, one of them manages to pull out of the game. It is therefore one of the big successes of its time … MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A cartoon that is popular among serivores

Let it be said, animated films are popular on Netflix! It is clear that the SVoD platform has its share of nuggets in the matter.

Whether recent outings or cartoons we can not more classic. Between japanim for manga fans and series for the youngest, we are served!

It also exists a large number of classics that we like to discover, see or see again. Especially since the platform likes to regale us with novelties.

This, in spite of the stiff competition which is felt on the side of its great rivals. Namely Disney + and its many excluded, such as Luca recently or again Raya.

This does not mean that the platform at Tudum! said his last word. Far from there !

This one seems not a little proud of a success whose fame is well established. This is an animated film seen and reviewed several times, released not so long ago.

This film, we do not necessarily expect to see it at the top of the basket. Yet those who have seen it are convinced that it has its place at the top of the charts.

This is a movie signed Sony Pictures Animation which is worth its weight in gold. This, since the first 28 days of its broadcast… Attention peepers!

Netflix: this cartoon is the most viewed on the platform!

Netflix: this animated film is the biggest success in its category

A few months ago, Netflix unveiled a new nugget. It was about the movie The Mitchell against the machines. A film that we will remember!

For good reason, this feature film signed Sony Pictures has delighted more than 53 million spectators in a few days of broadcasting. A film which can therefore compete with the greatest.

As Fatherhood and Army of the Dead, who have between them gathered 74 million and 75 million diehards loyal to the post. Never mind !

The animated film from Netflix therefore quickly joined the top 10 most popular films in France, shortly after its release. This, thanks to a recipe that works.

Hilarious, visually sympathetic to watch, this delighted film with its very stylized drawings, a bit like doodles. A paw that we recognize him well.

No wonder The Mitchell against the machines delight everyone’s star other cartoons. Although there is a plethora of them on the platform.

It delights the whole family, young and old alike, with its charm and its friendly, unpretentious atmosphere. She is also a clever review on connected objects!