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Netflix gave up today knownthat the anime adaptation of “Komi Can’t Communicate” (Japanese: “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.”) has been secured and will be shown worldwide in a simulcast.

Anime receives eight dubbed versions

“Komi Can’t Communicate” will be broadcast weekly in 190 countries on Netflix from October 21, 2021, around two weeks after the Japanese TV launch on October 6, 2021. Eight different language versions and subtitles in 31 languages ​​are to be offered. It has not yet been decided whether the German setting will be there at the beginning or whether it will be submitted later.

The studio OLM (»Pokémon Reisen«) is responsible for the production of the upcoming anime series, directed by Kazuki Kawagoe (episode director of »Beyblade Burst God«). Ayumu Watanabe (“After the Rain”) acts as chief director, while Deko Akao (“Assassin’s Pride”) writes the script. The character design is contributed by Atsuko Nakajima (»Ranma ½«).

In a new trailer, which was published with today’s announcement, the opening song “Cinderella” by Cider Girl and the ending song “Hikareinochi” by Kitri will be presented. The original manga series by Tomohito Oda has been published by TOKYOPOP since July 2020.

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