Netflix’s Godzilla Singular Point Anime Reveals a New Teaser

Monster lovers around the world are looking forward to the ultimate showdown between Godzilla and Kong. In the meantime, Netflix will develop an original that will pay more attention to the “King of the Monsters”.

A second trailer for Godzilla Singular Point has been released, which gives us a first glimpse into the character’s voices. The anime will premiere in April 2021.

Godzilla Singular Point | Teaser Trailer 2 | Netflix

The video excites us with more footage of Jet Jaguar, a giant robot that was built to fight the toughest monsters. It also includes the final “blue” theme from Polkadot Stingray.

Yun Arikawa and Haberu Katō speak of a misfortune and look surprised to know of a creature that can send out radio waves. The trailer also shows that the series is listed with 13 episodes.

Along with the trailer, the cast and staff details were also revealed, including some of the industry’s most popular names.

Position Personal Other work
Director Atsushi Takahashi Doraemon the film: “Kachi-Kochi” Nobita’s great adventure in the Antarctic
Script After all, Enjoe The realm of corpses
Character design Kazue Katō Blue exorcist
Character occupation Other work
Yun Arikawa Shōya Ishige Aoki (Orange)
Mei Kamino Yume Miyamoto Kiki Asukai (ID: INVADED)
Haberu Katō Tarō Kikuchi
Gorō akitaki Wataru Takagi Genta Kojima (Detective Conan)
Satomi Kanahara Ayako takeuchi Masao Tachibana (Kapitän Tsubasa)
But 2 Misaki Kuno Akane Awakusu (Durarara !!)
Jung Rie Kugimiya Kagura (Gintama)
Shunya Satō Yōhei Azakami Iron Monger (Marvel Future Avengers)
Tsunetomo Yamamoto Jin Urayama Chou Tou (Kingdom)
Yukie Kanoko Kotori Koiwai Elaine (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Takehiro Kai Kenichi suzumura Takehisa Hinawa (fire department)
Keiei Lee Kaho Kouda Dear Degre (Wolfsregen)
Gentlemen Ryotaro Okiayu Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleichmittel)
Rina Barn Onodera Rune Anzu (Omoi no Kakera)
Yoshiyasu Matsubara Tomoyuki Shimura Takurō Nakai (Bakuman)
Makita K. Nakagawa Hiromichi Tezuka Ajeel Raml (Feenschwanz)
Tilda Mira Masako Isobe Joel Raveau (Gangsta)
Michael Steven Kenta Miyake Zodd (Berserker)

The story follows the adventures of a researcher, Mei Kamino, and an engineer, Yun Arikawa. Together with their friends, they will take on an unprecedented threat in this anime.

Godzilla Singular Point | Quelle: IMDb

The anime takes place in a world full of gigantic creatures, similar to what we’ve seen in Jurassic Park films. Instead of T-Rex, Godzilla will be the main concern.

Let’s make it clear that this new series has nothing to do with the previous Godzilla trilogy that premiered on Netflix. And this new version of Godzilla may have some extra features that we haven’t seen before.

The previously published teaser showed us insights into the giant monsters that dominate the sea and the forest. It will be interesting to see Godzilla stand out from the crowd and pose a greater threat to humanity.

About Godzilla

The concept of Godzilla originated from Ishiro Honda’s 1954 film. It was then featured in TOHO films.

Godzilla is a giant monster that plagues human lives. It is almost indestructible and devastates humanity.

All media presented the story of Godzilla in a different way, and their story was tweaked each time.

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