Netmarble’Second Country’ started… New emotional adventure notice

‘Second Country’ is a work that inherited’Ninokuni’ by mobile. The picture is a preview video of this game / courtesy of Netmarble

[더팩트 | 최승진 기자] Netmarble will start recruiting reservations for the new mobile title’Second Country’ on the 14th of next month.

‘Second Country’, which is being prepared as a super-large mobile multi-access role playing game, is a work that inherits the role playing game’Ninokuni’ on mobile. The worldview containing the Ghibli philosophy melted.

‘Second Country’ is the second big project of the core developers of’Lineage 2 Revolution’ launched in 2016. It is targeting overseas markets such as Japan and Taiwan beyond the domestic market.

Netmarble plans to emphasize the sensibility of the original work with cartoon rendering 3D graphics as if watching animation and high-quality cutscenes.

Netmarble will hold a media showcase at 11 am on the 14th of next month and have a time to introduce’Second Country’ in detail. The media showcase can be viewed on the YouTube channel’Netmarble TV’.

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