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The first trailer for the Ousama Ranking anime series from the WIT studio.
Premiered in October 2021.

Boji is deaf and weak and unable to fight even with a sword for children. However, as a prince and firstborn, the guy dreams of becoming the greatest king in the world, even though the people behind him mutter that he is “a worthless prince and will never become a king.” Boji’s first friend was “Kage” – his literal shadow on the ground, which for some reason understands him well. In fact, the Kage is a survivor of the Kage assassin clan that was almost completely destroyed. The anime tells the story of Boji’s growing up, starting with his fateful meeting with the Kage.

Director: Yousuke Hatta
Deputy director: Arifumi Imai
Сценарий: Taku Kishimoto
Character Design / Animation Director: Atsuko Nozaki
Supporting Character Design / Animation Director: Masaki Kawake

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