New conspiracy theories podcast from QUB radio

OLD radio lance This is just a theory, a brand new podcast that lifts the veil on the genesis of conspiracy theories that have marked history, from yesterday to today. From vaccination to QAnon, through the assassination of JFK, 5G, the attacks of September 11, 2001, the Illuminati and the Reptilians; the most credible theories, with the most eccentric, are at the heart of this series, animated by Alexandre Moranville-Ouellet and carried out by Bastien Gagnon-Lafrance.

The phenomenon of conspiracy theories seems to have increased in recent years; theses, sometimes implausible, emerge or come back to the fore, but why? In This is just a theory, Alexandre proposes to better understand these complex movements and to compare the theories exposed to the work of experts, to validate so precisely … they are only theories. Produced with the concern of offering an animated sound design, the podcast series transports the listener to the heart of the stories that are told.

The series has seven episodes of which the first three are available right now here.


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