New MMORPG Tower of Fantasy shows gameplay

The new MMORPG Tower of Fantasy (PC / Mobile) relies on an open world in the sci-fi universe with a good pinch of anime look. It is reminiscent of games like Genshin Impact or the upcoming Blue Protocol. Now there is new gameplay from the game!

What is Tower of Fantasy? The MMORPG is a full-fledged MMORPG in the anime style and sci-fi setting. Although it is stylistically based on Genshin Impact, there are big differences in the gameplay.

The biggest difference is that numerous players can roam the world of Tower of Fantasy and experience group content. PvP, guilds and trade should also play a role.

But some features also coincide with the big model. So in Tower of Fantasy you can, among other things:

  • Experience quests and tell a story
  • Explore the world in a similarly free way and climb everywhere
  • Complete dungeons with multiple players
  • Experience NPCs with their own personality and story

What’s new? On July 15th the developer released a new gameplay video for the anime MMORPG in which we get new insights into the game. We see, among other things:

  • Neue Cutscenes
  • The character screen
  • Dialogues and quests
  • Free movement through the world and the flight system
  • Some fights in the game
  • Destructible objects and collectibles
  • Some panoramas on the planet of the game

You can watch the entire video and the almost 13 minutes of gameplay here:

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Why is that exciting? Some players of games like Genshin Impact lack the multiplayer aspect of such a gaming environment. Tower of Fantasy wants to fill this gap and thus combine the gameplay of a Genshin Impact with the mechanics of an MMORPG.

It is also not yet certain whether the game will use a gacha mechanic. But players who get annoyed by that in Genshin could get their money’s worth here if this “feature” is missing. Tower of Fantasy doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, just fit into a gap that currently exists.

The community thinks it’s really good

What do the players say about it? The largest number of comments are very pleasantly surprised by the gameplay from Tower of Fantasy.

  • The user Dib Sya writes (via YouTube): “That looks like Genshin Impact + Honkai Impact and Dragon Raja combined and turned into a great looking game. I am looking forward to more!”
  • Mat Yeng agrees: “I have to be honest, it looks really good.”
  • The user Dear Luciella writes: “I hope the game gets a good story and background narration!”

When can you play this? Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release in the West yet. The game will only be released in China for the time being. There currently around 30,000 players can participate in a beta.

In any case, players in this country have to be patient for a while before they can try Tower of Fantasy for themselves.

What do you think of Tower of Fantasy? Genshin clone or serious competition? Write us in the comments!

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