new subway development scheme, banned anime, world tug record and 4-meter python in an apartment

The 4-meter python was rescued in the Leningrad region. Photo: Department of Rosprirodnadzor for the Northwestern Federal District

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” sums up the past day. We have collected all the latest news for February 25, 2021 in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The past day was rich in events, the main of which (as always) was a sharp change in the weather. In the northern capital, the temperature jumped up by 10 degrees, which was not easy for meteorological people. Doctors say that it can “cover” both young and old. But how to help, they cannot say for sure.

But who doesn’t care about anything, it’s the strongmen. Despite the pressure drops, a world tug-of-war record was set in St. Petersburg. Weightlifter Denis Vovk was able to move the heavy 40-ton “Airbus” by 4 meters 32 centimeters. The achievement was recorded by representatives of the Guinness Book of Records.

Almost the same length as the way to the record, turned out to be a python, abandoned by the owner in one of the apartments of a residential building in the village of Nazia, in the Leningrad region. The alarm was sounded by the neighbors of the woman who had moved out, who had been feeding a huge snake for two months. As a result, the reptile was taken away by the employees of Rosprirodnadzor, and the snake was warmed up in the Leningrad Zoo. There she will live.

The world record was set at Pulkovo.

The world record was set at Pulkovo.

A photo: Oleg ZOLOTO (archive)

But if we talk about underground “snakes”, or rather trains, then everything is bad with them in St. Petersburg. Smolny again changed the metro development scheme. And if some stations along it should appear in the foreseeable future, then most of them were postponed to the dates for 2030. The circular line is somewhere in the same place.

Other notable news of the day: another anime ban. This time, the Moskovsky District Court ruled to block the animated series “Interspecies Reviewers” on three sites. It was previously blocked on other portals. The decision was made at the suit of the prosecutor’s office.

In addition, in St. Petersburg, they filed a complaint with the president in the case of a terrorist attack in the subway and vaccinated visitors to shopping centers against coronavirus.


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