New Year 2022 postcards from Japan

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Something that characterizes Japan when celebrating the New Year is that many companies, especially in the world of anime and even video games, often share postcards to celebrate the change of cycle.

But not only do the companies behind them, but also the creators behind various series. That is something that can be seen in the ones we share with you now. For example, Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, did something special.

This is how they celebrate New Year 2022 in eastern lands

Drew to Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of his work, next to a plump tiger. In fact, and if you realize it, this animal is repeated many times in the illustrations. That’s because in the land of the Rising Sun they like to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

According to the zodiac managed in this country, 2022 corresponds to the Water tiger. That is the main reason this feline appears. Although sometimes a cat is used to represent it.

One Piece 1035: Luffy and Kaido have the same pirate dream

In some illustrations, although a tiger does not appear, the skin of this animal or a similar pattern is used to represent it. That is the case of the postcard of My Hero Academia, where we see a group of heroes dressed in this way.

At other times it is preferred to skip this topic. This is the case of the illustration made by Ken Wakui, creator of Tokyo Revengers. He preferred to draw his characters in a classic style.


Disney Plus Japan

Fairy Tail:

New Year 2022 postcards from JapanNew Year 2022 postcards from Japan

My Hero Academia:

New Year 2022 postcards from JapanNew Year 2022 postcards from Japan

One Piece:

New Year 2022 postcards from JapanNew Year 2022 postcards from Japan

Detective Conan:

Uma Musume:

Zombieland Saga:

Tokyo Revengers:

Hiro Mashima:

The world of anime welcomes a new cycle

There are also those who carry kimono, since the tradition in Japan is to receive the New Year with said garment and attend the temple. In some cases some companies do more elaborate things, like animations or small videos.

What Disney+, which begins to have a presence in this nation. Social networks have allowed the celebration to reach all parts of the world, and best of all, with multimedia features.

2022 will be a very interesting year when it comes to video games, anime and other areas. There are many new releases and releases that are worth it.

Let’s just hope that the pandemic of COVID-19 finally go down in history at once and everything returns to normal.

It has caused too much damage and impacted the lives of millions of people. So we wish all of our readers the best and that their wishes are fulfilled.


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