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2021January 17Just announced their marriageNewlywedsNatsuna-san. Since the other party is a general man, I envy a general man who can marry Natsuna-san! It became a topic.Such Natsuna suddenlyInstagramsoCosplayContinuously throw the figure!cuteVarious from costumes to funny costumesCosplayIt has been talked about as being hungry.

Natsuna married to a general man

2021January 17Natsuna, who just announced her marriage, appeared in public for the first time after her marriage.

gameNatsuna-san, who professes to like her, said, “PUBGplayerUnknownZu battleGrounds) ”was taught by my husbandPUBGI’m addicted to it, at first two peoplegameI enjoyed it, but now I am aloneplayThat’s enough to do.

Natsuna said, “PUBGThis marriage was described as “marriage”, but such a newlywed NatsunaInstagramsoCosplayAppearanceupAfter that, it was so funny that it was talked about as being hungry.

What the hellCosplayDid you show off …

sandwichAnd with rubber glovesSailor moonofCosplayTo do


Sailor moonThe author in the middle of the generationMaggieIs this for a momentCosplayI was delighted withthat?It ’s a little strange, is n’t it? ?? I noticed.

Blonde bangs are rubber gloves, andTwin tailIs an eggsandwichSubstitute and too messyCosplayThat’s how it was.

This too novelCosplay“Something good” “Natsuna’sInstagramIt ’s too stupid and it ’s great. ”NetIt was also talked about above.

Actually thisCosplayAlthough it is an imageTV setprogram”Please!Ranking“soTwin tailSistersCosplayIt was a project to challenge the project.

Twin tailSisters are Natsuna-san’s companions.AsahinaMr. OCosplayAppearanceInstagramIt means that you are showing off at!

That’s whyAsahinaMr. OInstagramTocheckI tried to!

AsahinaCentralCosplayAlso hungry


FriezaIt became.


Birthdayin 1989May 23

blood typeType A
place of birthSaitama

hobby modernballet・ Cooking / shopping

height 165

source:Toyota office

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Newlywed Natsuna (31) shows off her cosplay appearance and talks about fan hunger


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