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The nuclear sculpture works of sculptor Xun Hongyan

Nuclear carving is China’s intangible cultural heritage and a traditional folk craft. Speaking of the connection with art, Xun Hongyan said that she is fortunate to be a small sculptor who can express and express life in the form of sculpture art.

November 18-21, 2021, organized by the China Digital Art Expo Organizing Committee, the Education Committee of China Science, Education, Film and Television Association, and the Propaganda Department of the CPC Jinan Municipal Committee, hosted by Jinan Daily Newspaper Group and Jinan Culture and Tourism Bureau, The China Five Thousand Years Animation Culture Project Promotion Association, Jinan Animation and Game Industry Association specially supported, the 9th Jinan Art Fair co-organized by the Photo and Video Magazine and the Community Art University of Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts will be held at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center (Huaiyin). District No. 1 Rizhao Road) grand opening. At that time, engraving artist Xun Hongyan will bring numerous sculptures.

Xun Hongyan, female, was born on July 7, 1984, and her native place is Tongyu County, Baicheng City, Jilin Province. I loved art since I was young and yearned for all beautiful things. I became obsessed with sculpture in 2005, and I spent most of my spare time on painting and sculpture. After graduation, he has been engaged in art-related work. She started to specialize in carving in 2012. At this time, she was no longer limited to gourd carving. As long as she could paint with a knife, she dared to try. In 2017, we officially began to explore nuclear carving. From the initial practice of knife control to simple flower carving, every failure will arouse the inner fighting spirit, and continue to study and learn the success of the masters. Since 2019, Xun Hongyan’s nuclear sculpture works have been loved and customized by people around him.

She began to learn painting at the age of 7 and has persisted to this day. Painting has allowed her to lay a solid foundation for the art of nuclear carving. During the freshman summer vacation, Xun Hongyan became obsessed with gourd carving, and has been out of control since then. By chance, she saw the nuclear sculpture works on TV and was shocked by it. From then on, she started a difficult journey of exploration. Seeing more, learning more, doing more, with the love of nuclear carving, has always insisted on carving.

She said: “Painting can make me forget time, and now sculpting will also make me sleepless and have fun… In the beginning, my fingers often hurt my fingers, but I put band-aids on and wrap my hand straps. All day long.” Every time the finished product comes out, it is the greatest comfort in her soul.

Art is wonderful, it makes people obsessed and selfless. Xun Hongyan is fortunate to have such a hobby, and conveys his inner feelings about the beauty of art in the form of nuclear sculpture. (Wang Jiali Gao Yun)

Original title: Next month, go to the art fair to appreciate the famous masterpieces and sculptor Xun Hongyan will bring a lot of carvings

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