NFT business alliance with Item Bus Star IP platform Share Times Korea

On the 24th, ‘itemVerse’, a mega block chain project that is developing ‘K-NFT’, the standard of Korean NFT, announced on the 24th that it had partnered with Share Times Korea, a Korean star IP platform, for NFT business.

Share Times Korea, the domestic authorized company of Share Times in China, is a company whose main business is related to Korean-Chinese stars and famous IP (intellectual property) rights.

China Share Times was established in 2011 and developed the first Chinese celebrity IP rights development and operation business model in China. As partners, it has 6 top celebrities such as Imcheon, Yudo, Jinha, Dohae, Lim Gaengshin, and Yusun. In addition, it is the largest star IP platform in China, with over 700 IPs of famous celebrities in various fields.

It is engaged in business such as corporate brand characterization, intellectual property rights, Internet content operation, etc., and builds a worldview of “super hero” 星 (surname), 迷 (mi) 宇 (right) , videos, animations, audiobooks, offline cards and goods are combined with various contents to commercialize and distribute them as contents.

Through this partnership, Itembus announced that it would actively cooperate with Share Times Korea to showcase block chain games, NFT videos and animations, and NFT cards using the famous IPs secured by Share Times Korea.

Currently, the Item Bus mainnet has been built using the chain engine of Arti Friends of Item Bus, and K-NFT, Explorer, console, NFT wallet, NFT market, SDK, etc. will be commercialized soon. The Item Bus platform will be applied and will also be linked with the Japanese NFT standard Octopass.

'Tekken' world ranking 1st knee

‘Tekken’ world ranking 1st knee

‘Tekken’ world ranking 1st knee

In addition, for its own NFT market (both ERC721 and K-NFT are available), the NFT business right of the world No. 1 knee NFT of the ‘Tekken’ world ranking, the NFT of the world No. 1 knee of the ‘Tekken’ world ranking, the ‘Robot Taekwon V’ coach Kim Cheong-gi, He is actively engaged in activities such as securing NFT business rights for next-generation artist Jung Woo-jae.

Park Myung-gi, reporter for Game Talk

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