NFT Mania, Robot Taekwon V’s 45th Anniversary NFT Issue: Coin Leaders

NFT MANIA, operated by the Rush Coin (RUSH) Foundation, is planning to publish the Robot Taekwon V figure NFT in August in official cooperation with Director Kim Cheong-gi, the creator of Robot Taekwon V to commemorate the 45th anniversary.

The animation ‘Robot Taekwon V’, which was released in July 1976, pioneered the era of animation for Korean theatrical versions, and was the representative work of the first generation of Korean comics, which was watched by about 280,000 viewers at the time of its release.

Director Kim Cheong-gi of ‘Robot Taekwon V’ started as a cartoonist in 1960, debuted as an animation director while producing ‘Robot Taekwon V’ in 1976. He is considered one of the masters of animation in Korea.

The Robot Taekwon V figure NFT can be purchased with Rush Coin (RUSH) through an auction at NFT Mania, and a half version 25cm figure that depicts the robot Taekwon V blueprint and a history book that summarizes the history of Taekwon V for 45 years are set. This is a structure in which the actual product is delivered to the successful bidder along with the transfer of ownership of the NFT.

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