NHK “Document 72 Hours” Comiket convenience store and legendary arcade special feature broadcast all at once –

NHK’s documentary program “Document 72 hoursHas announced the lineup of “Midnight Ikkimi! Matsuri” which will be broadcast from 23:31 on August 16th (Monday).

Under the title of “Deep 5 Selection”, five of the past broadcasts, “Convenience store at the summer Comiket venue”, “Legendary game center”, “Cosplay specialty building”, “Showa Kayo record shop”, and “Sabage field” will be broadcast continuously. NS.

In addition, overlooked program distribution service ・NHK PlusBut it will be delivered until August 23 (Monday).

Documentary “Document 72 Hours” that cuts out the present from 72 hours

Family restaurants, airports, taverns, etc …. A documentary program “Document 72 Hours” that sets up a camera at one site each time and observes various human patterns that occur there for three days at a fixed point.

It summarizes what happened in 72 hours and the people I met in about 25 minutes and airs every Friday from 22:45.

In this “Deep 5 Selection”, the times that are selected from the past times and specialize in deep culture are lined up.

It has the best convenience store in Japan at the forefront of the spot sale “Comic Market”, the game center Mikado in Takadanobaba, which is called the sacred place for gamers, the world’s largest cosplay building in Koto Ward, and 30,000 records and CDs in Higashi Shinjuku. Showa Kayo specialty store, a battlefield, Sabage, just past the farm road in Chiba prefecture that makes adults crazy.

In each case, the gems of the “now” era are continuously broadcast from the cultural scene that Japan is proud of.

Document 72 hours selection “Summer Comic Market! At the” Japan’s No. 1 “convenience store”
August 16 (month)
11:31 pm-11: 56 pm (25 minutes) Set at a convenience store near the venue of the subculture festival Comic Market. During the Comiket period, the largest number of customers in Japan will come to the chain. It was broadcast in 2015.

Document 72 Hours Selection “Cosplay Specialty Building Their Dream Castle”
August 16 (month)
From 11:56 pm to 0:21 am (25 minutes) Infiltrate the world’s largest cosplay building in Koto Ward. Women shooting cosplay at booths in magical spaces, classrooms, and street corners during the Edo period. It was broadcast in 2015.

Document 72 hours selection “People who live in” Sabage “”
Tuesday, August 17
0:21 am to 0:50 am (29 minutes) In recent years, the number of people who are addicted to the survival game, commonly known as “survival game”, has been increasing. What is the reason for making adults crazy? It was broadcast in 2019.

Document 72 Hours Selection “Legendary Arcade Adult Fight”
Tuesday, August 17
0:52 am to 1:17 am (25 minutes) A ​​game center called “Gamer’s Sanctuary”. As many as 1000 lovers visit on holidays. Follow the battle of gamers that takes place day and night. It was broadcast in 2018.

Document 72 hours selection “Attracted by Showa Kayo”
Tuesday, August 17
1:17 am to 1:42 am (25 minutes) Nowadays, popular Showa songs. Not only middle-aged and older people but also young people and foreigners come to the specialty stores in Shinjuku. Gaze at various human patterns along with nostalgic masterpieces. It was broadcast in 2016

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