Nico Robin looks gorgeous in this Sammys cosplay

L’ONE PIECE archaeologist, Nico Robin, is an important pawn if you want to become King of the Pirates. As has now been discovered, to reach Laugh Tale it is necessary to decipher the instructions on four Road Poneglyphs, the legendary red stones that date back centuries. This is why the beautiful pirate of Ohara is so important.

But fans were dazzled not only by his skill and intelligence, as well as his fighting skills. The charm of Nico Robin in ONE PIECE he is magnetic and both in the manga and in the anime the pirate always makes a good impression. This obviously must also happen for the cosplay who interpret it.

We recently introduced you to Glory Lamothe’s Nico Robin, but now Dutch Sammys is also added, not appearing on our pages for the first time. The cosplayer a few days ago posted a photo and a video on her Instagram page that went viral almost instantly. Below we can see this splendid cosplay of Nico Robin made by Sammys, which incorporates the first ONE PIECE post timeskip dresses worn by Nico Robin, then with a blue jacket, pink sarong and sunglasses with orange glasses kept on the head. The pose is the one that activates his Devil Fruit, Fior Fior.

Do you know at the moment how old Nico Robin is in ONE PIECE?

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