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In the game of Nightmare Island, many novice players don’t know which character to choose, and they don’t know who the strong characters in the game are. The following editor will recommend the selection of novice roles in the Nightmare Island mobile game to everyone, and interested friends come and have a look.

Nightmare Island mobile game novice choice recommendation

I suggest everyoneDaniel is the first choice, followed by Elena, Nadia and Obelik. The specific reasons are as follows:


This character has a high physical defense and certain physical output. The front-row character in the game is more suitable for novice players. You can choose knights, shield guards, and mercenaries to transfer.

2. Elena

This is a magical character, it has a high amount of group magic attacks, whether it is PVP or PVE has its uses, and can be converted to auxiliary treatment, mage control, etc. in the first rank, second rank, and third rank. Character.

 3. Nadia

The female shooter in the game, although not very good in the early stage, but more aggressive in the middle and late stages. Possess group attack skills, and even makes twelve attacks, which brings team gains to the team.

4. Obelik

This is a more flexible character in the game, with magic damage and special effects control. And there are many options for transfer, and it has many control skills.

In summary, the role selection recommendation for novice players in the Nightmare Island mobile game is recommended. Daniel is the first choice. The other three can be selected according to their own preferences, each with its own advantages.


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