Nintendo is squinting to the Switch

It’s time to discuss the latest developments in the gaming world in this brand new edition of the GK Journaal. However, this is not just another episode. For the first time in the rich history of the GK Journaal, JJ shares the screen with… yes… Daan! Thanks to the generous support of the Premium Bosses, Daan will be at the office a few days a week from 1 February. And so he also has more time to sit with items. Hence, from today, GK Journaal, with two people and therefore a little more discussion, opinion & fun. In this edition, JJ and Daan talk about the immense growth of the Nintendo Switch, rumors about the rapid arrival of Breath of the Wild 2 and the nostalgia expected in Gran Turismo.

Does everyone already have a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo has always held a popular niche in gaming. Lots of titles like; Super Mario Bros and Zelda are known worldwide and not to be missed in the youth of many. And if you look around you, it seems like everyone owns a Switch today. Is this correct? Nintendo recently announced the annual figures and with it the number of ‘handhelds’ that they have already sold. Daan and JJ were surprised by these figures?

Is Gran Turismo 7 going 100% old school?

Gran Turismo has a decent status on the editorial board. Many presenters have been playing this series from childhood and consider it one of the best racing games ever made. So it makes sense that expectations were high when developer Polyphony Studios announced the latest installment in the franchise for the PS5. Earlier this week, creator Yamauchi gave an interview. And he rarely does. What was in the interview, and does that info make you look forward to Gran Turismo 7 even more? You can hear and see that and more in the GK Journaal of Tuesday 2 February. With duo presentation!

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