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Liu Peng2022-08-15 11:34:26

The 2022 ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus) will be held in the digital world of MetaCJ from August 27th to September 2nd. MetaCJ is committed to the creation of an online digital world. Online exhibition is one of its important functions. It provides exhibition, conference, corporate brand display, online negotiation, online Online solutions and services such as transactions and market promotion activities meet the needs of the development trend of offline and online integration of enterprises under the development of the digital economy.

At present, Hebei Elite Animation Culture Communication Co., Ltd. has confirmed to participate in the 2022 ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus), and will present a wonderful feast of technology and entertainment, interaction and social integration for users in the digital world of MetaCJ. !

Hebei Elite Animation Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, and was listed on the New Third Board in May 2016 (stock code 837012). The company insists on engaging in the comprehensive operation of animation creation with independent intellectual property rights and animation derivative products. An animation business chain integrating animation creation, distribution, authorization and planning has been established, and animation and its products centered on the “Yeluoli” brand have been developed.

The company’s original cartoon “Elf Dream Ye Luoli” won the excellent animation project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the National Excellent Project jointly selected by the Ministry of Culture, the State Publishing Administration and the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The film is directed by Jin Jin, a famous writer and painter. It tells the story of a human child entering Ye Luoli’s fairyland to obtain a magical Ye Luoli doll and fighting against the queen who delusionally rules the human world. The animated characters are beautiful and stylish, and the storyline is fantastic and wonderful loved. “Elf Dream Ye Luoli” has aired for nine seasons so far. In August 2021, the Elf Dream Ye Luoli side story “Ye Luoli X Ice Lotus” was exclusively launched on Mango TV, and the ratings were hot. Ye Luoli has become the hottest brand of domestic girl animation.

In addition to “Elf Dream Ye Luoli”, Elite Animation is intensively preparing for a new animation project “Wei Jiang”, which will be a more passionate animation work. The new animation is expected to be launched this year. In this exhibition, the exclusive advance preview of the new work “Wei General” will meet with you, so stay tuned.

Hanwei has recently issued a ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus), and has received comprehensive responses from many well-known brand enterprises in various fields at home and abroad. The major enterprises are actively contacting the organizers to create a brand space in the online exhibition and the new form of online communication and the implementation of gameplay. . ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus) will provide ChinaJoy’s business partners with a more valuable digital world and exhibition space in the MetaCJ metaverse digital world. Provide a new interactive social mode. In response to the needs of C-end users and special cultural groups, the organizer will create an official themed online community and build a dedicated virtual space for KOLs and self-media.

We welcome more IP holders and brand customers who are committed to the online development of the brand and are interested in cooperating with ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus) to contact us. Hanwei will cooperate with you in an open and win-win manner. Build ChinaJoy Online Exhibition (CJ Plus)!

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