numerous alien races have been cut from the game for budget and cosplay reasons

We are just over three months after the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a title that will rejuvenate the first three chapters of Mass Effect and from which the least successful will remain out Mass Effect: Andromeda. Impossible to forget the fierce criticism of this title, which also concerned (but not only) the paucity of the new alien races introduced, only two. In this regard, some components of BioWare who worked on the title spoke in an interview with TheGamer.

In practice, the reason why the new alien races introduced with Andromeda were only two is due to reasons of limited budget and a desire on the part of the development team to make cosplay easier for fans of the videogame saga. “I think the project could never have met expectations,” said Neil Pollner, writer of Mass Effect 3 who also worked on parts of the script for Mass Effect: Andromeda. “Not only because of the high expectations generated with the original trilogy, but also the normal expectations that anyone would have of a Mass Effect set in a totally new galaxy. Since the first Mass Effect was truly huge, there was a promise that fans would have. they were going to get a very big new experience, with lots of new things in what should have been the first Mass Effect: Andromeda: new species, new lore, a totally new galaxy and much more “.

“But they gave us the right budget for just two species and the Remnant. Plus, we couldn’t fit in all the Milky Way species. And we couldn’t let you travel all over the galaxy. So we had to develop the game around them. limitations. Fans, as a result, got a much smaller game than the previous ones, and that also didn’t have what fans had enjoyed in previous Mass Effects. “

Chris Hepler stated that he and former BioWare writer Jo Berry had five or six proposals for “really cool” new alien races. Dorian Kieken, franchise design director at the beginning of the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda, explained that some of the concepts for the new aliens were already there, and that they were also cut because one of the purposes of Mass Effect: Andromeda was to make cosplay easier for fans of the saga.

“One of the strengths of the original trilogy is that you can cosplay most of the alien characters except Hanar, although I wouldn’t underestimate the creativity of some cosplayers,” said Kieken. “The intention of Mass Effect: Andromeda was to introduce new races that could still be included in the realm of cosplay, which is why we dropped some more outlandish concepts. “

While Mass Effect: Andromeda remains an undeniable misstep in the BioWare sci-fi saga, soon we will be able to enjoy the original trilogy in a new guise, thanks to Mass Effect Legendary Edition, whose release is scheduled for May 14 (but there will be versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X). From the original trilogy, however, some more “risqué” shots and the Pinnacle Station DLC will be missing.

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