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Cross-country skiing / Worlds 2021 / 50km classic

The podium

Gold medal: Emil Iversen

russian flag_100x70.jpg Silver medal: Alexander Bolshunov

Norwegian flag_100x68.gif Bronze medal: Simen Hegstad Krueger

A completely crazy ending

This 50km, the most difficult event of these world championships, started in a fairly leisurely fashion. Almost nothing happens during the first 25 to 30 kilometers.

The race comes alive from the first ski changes with an IIvo Niskanen starting to set a big pace. Therefore the skimming will be done from the rear and gradually only the strongest remain in front.

One lap later it was Klaebo who found himself in front, while Bolshunov and Iversen, who had also spent their time changing skis, did not come back to the front.

From then on, the race came to life and took a definitive turn with Niskanen, the Swede Burman, Klaebo, Iversen, Holund and Bolshunov who created a definitive gap over all the others.

Emil Iversen, very strong, takes his turn in the lead and everyone is doing very badly, especially the Finn and the Swede, replaced in the leading group by Krueger.

We then approach the last round with, as has often been the case for three seasons, four Norwegians and the winner of the World Cup with them.

Bolshunov changes tactics

Contrary to what he showed in the skiathlon, where he blew up the Norwegians one by one, Bolshunov this time decided to wait.

He begins to bluff a little, he is logically hiding behind the N ° 1 team, in large numerical superiority and he will wisely bide his time.

Alexander Bolshunov waits until the top of the famous Burgstal climb, and then accelerates with great power. Holund and Krueger can no longer keep up.

Only Klaebo and Iversen cling to the skis of the Russian who continues his effort when arriving in the stadium. He then crosses the last bump in the lead and almost gives the impression of cracking the world sprint champion.

Bolshunov approaches the home straight in the lead, Klaebo infiltrates his right, the two men touch each other and Bolshunov, very unhappy, breaks a stick in the affair.

JHK runs towards the coronation and Iversen takes the opportunity to overtake the Russian founder. Totally annoyed Alexander Bolshunov will remain prostrate near the finish line for long minutes.

No doubt on the verge of tears, still under the blow of a sanction from the FIS, he tries to calm down and will receive a little later a hug from Klaebo who came to console him, a very rare image.

The Norwegian did not add more and silently savored his 3rd world title in Oberstdorf, the 7th of his career, but a few minutes later, everything collapsed …


A few minutes after the race, the Russians obviously appeal to the jury who, after viewing the images, SEE HERE, decides to disqualify Johannes Hoesflot Klaebo.

A difficult decision which gives victory to Emil Iversen, a man who would never have won if the Russian did not break his stick.

Suddenly the choice of the jury will in no way console the Russian, who believes he deserves the victory, nor give a smile to those who esteem Klaebo in his right.

In the end, only Emil Iversen fans will be satisfied!

But what a shame to see these beautiful Worlds, and this magnificent 50km ending like this! Klaebo and Bolshunov didn’t deserve it!

It remains to be seen whether the Norwegian federation will appeal against this disqualification of Klaebo, if so, it will be necessary to wait 72 hours max to have a judgment.

Krueger, who arrives a few seconds later, will recover the bronze and Holund the 4th place, then it will be the turn of Burman and Niskanen, so much for the great leaders of this classic 50km.

Dario Cologna and Jason Rueesch took a good 9th and 11th place for Switzerland at 1min40, just ahead of Clément Parisse, best Frenchman, who also finished exhausted with a nice 13th place.

Maurice Manificat finished 27th at 4min35, Jean Marc Gaillard 41st at 9min.

The complete ranking HERE


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