OK WOW! Hi! I really smoke this IGTHING LOL I was sad for almost 2 months …

OK WOW! Hi! I’m really crazy about this IGTHING LOL I’ve been sad for almost two months so I didn’t want to do anything cosplay related for a while and I didn’t want to do anything other than play all the Resident Evil games (I) Is about to start 4) and I’m excited). But I’m a back baby! With the cheerleader Toga! I sat in the closet all the time with UA’s cheerleading uniform and finally decided to wear it (it was fun to bring it to the con). I’ll edit the photo a bit more, and hopefully have a lot of content to post soon! By the way, are there any people planning to go to Otacon? 👀 I’ve been there for 3 days so I think it’s cool to meet some people there! * * * * #himikotoga #toga #himikotogapolymer #toga eye #myheroacademia #bokunoheroacademia #mha #mhapolymer #bnha #bnha eye #cosplay #cosplayer #polymerersofinstagram

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