On TikTok, the “silhouette challenge” can also go very badly

TIKTOK – Another challenge, originally innocent, the consequences of which could be dramatic. On TikTok, a new trend has been raging since the start of the year: the “silhouette challenge”. If it is sometimes produced for a humorous or artistic purpose, many tiktokers expose their nudity, under the malicious eyes of some Internet users.

The challenge of discord is a derivative of the “anime challenge”, born during the summer of 2020. The principle is simple: in the foreground, the tiktokers pose alone in the dark near a window or a door, as you can see in the video at the top of this article. Then, in the background, we see their character from Japanese anime appear very close to them, as if he were real.

The success of this trend has inspired many users, who have detected in this challenge an interesting artistic (and sometimes humorous) potential, but also a way of showing off without being ostentatious. Some stars like actress Tiffany Haddish or rapper Cardi B have also taken to the game.

Suddenly, the anime characters gave way, sometimes to gymnastic figures, sometimes to more and more suggestive poses, on a mashup of the songs “Streets” by Doja Cat, and “Put Your Head on My Shoulder ”by Paul Anka. Applied to their TikToks, the “Red Wine” filter available on Snapchat allows users to partially or completely strip themselves, their body details no longer visible.

Beware of malicious internet users

Although the “silhouette challenge” does not require it, it is clear that the most popular TikToks are those that involve the nudity of tiktokers and tiktokers. On social networks, this trend unleashes passions, and is debated. Art or pornography? While some claim that the identity of users is preserved thanks to the filter, many Internet users warn about the potential danger of the “silhouette challenge”.

For a week, dozens of videos, all very similar, have flourished on Youtube. In their title, their authors pride themselves on teaching us “How to remove the red filter on the“ silhouette challenge ”. In less than five minutes, these malicious Internet users explain how to remove in a few clicks the “Red Wine” filter which hides the body details of these tiktokers.

On social networks, we sound the alarm about the risk for these TikToks to be posted on pornographic sites, without the knowledge of their authors.

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