One Piece: 10 Incredible Straw Hat Pirates Cosplay

When one thinks of Straw Hats from One PieceThe first thing that comes to mind is the pirates, but then it’s the family. They are the most united crew there can be, and like a family, they fight and argue with each other. However, in the end they always stick together. Anyone who leaves ends up coming back very soon.

That familiar look is part of what gives the series its charm, making the characters more and more lovable. Therefore, most of these cosplay will be group, following the family theme.

10 Benders of the Sea

Seeing the tweaks required to make a gender-appropriate cosplay is always a delight. So much Sakurabrii (Sanji) like Akachan (Luffy) managed to add their own touch to the costumes without changing the character’s appearance much.

Akachan is wearing a long-sleeved shirt instead of the typical button-down that Luffy wears, and Sakurabrii opted for a skirt and long stockings instead of pants for Sanji. They are both very good, making an excellent choice of taking the photo overlooking the water.

9 Twin Captains

Although not expressly part of the Straw Hats, Boa Hancock is practically an honorary member, given her feelings for Luffy. Given Luffy’s personality, lounging together in the sand might well be his idea of ​​romance.

Luffy’s cosplay performed by El_Riddle it’s perfect, from the hat to the scar. He even has that always nice smile on his face. Boa’s cosplay by Bellatrixaiden maybe even better, the eyes practically sparkle in the camera.

8 More than friends

Luffy and Boa are more than friends, at least in Miss Hancock’s eyes. She has been in love with him for much of the series, something Luffy does not reciprocate. So much El_Riddle as Bellatrixaiden They imitate it in this photo.

Luffy looks completely lost and confused as she hugs him tightly, a look of enjoyment on her face. It’s also surprising how much he looks like Boa from head to toe.

7 Sun in my eyes

A desert is rarely used as the backdrop for a photo, but it seems to be the case here. Judging by the way Shushunao (Luffy) squints, there may be a reason for it. It seems that the sun is hitting him directly in the face, making it difficult for him to see.

This makes the photo appear more authentic, as it lacks the neatness of more professional work. It helps that his partner in crime, Chandary (Nami), don’t have the same problem, being able to pose royally.

6 Teams All Here

The Mugimuicrew is a group of cosplayers who came together to create their own Straw Hats crew. While this photo is a bit more casual than the rest of what they offer, it nails both the cosplay and the gestures of the characters.

Luffy acting like a big goof in the back is perfect. It seems that he is having fun like never before. Zoro, for his part, seems suitably grumpy, acting like he wants to be anywhere else in the world at the moment.

5 Open seas

This is a more traditional look for cosplayer characters from Mugimugicrew. Each of the characters is positioned as expected, Nami with her staff stretched across her back, ready to thrust it in someone’s face if necessary.

The fact that Zoro appears to be wearing real swords strapped to his hips, rather than accessories, is a great touch of authenticity. None of them look fake, and from the way his hand grips one of the grips, he’s not afraid to release one.

4 Day in the sun

Taking a photo on the beach, especially near the water, is always a plus when it comes to One Piece. After all, they are pirates. Water is as much a part of his life as obtaining treasures.

This is a cool cosplay of Glory Lamothe, nailing Nico Robin. It fits perfectly with her Fish-man Island Bow costume. From the colors to the way it flows through your body, there is nothing you could do to improve it. It is a testament to her talents as a cosplayer.

3 Nico Robin

In the movie of One Piece: Gold, no character had as many costumes as Robin. In the end, he had six different outfits, and the one shown here Oniksiya_ Sofinikum it was the sixth.

It’s one of the best picks in the movie and it fits the character well, allowing him to have his typical raised shadows. The purple lighting in the background helps the image, playing with what is usually her primary color, and the pose she takes makes it look like she’s challenging an enemy to do something.

2 Franky

Of all the characters in One Piece, Franky is one of the most difficult to carry out. Exaggerated proportions are one thing, but the amount of metal displayed on his arms is a totally different obstacle. Not to mention the fact that he barely wears anything.

With all that, Elly Baxter he does an admirable job, committing himself to the open shirt and doing the metal nose right. They have also done a phenomenal job with the wig, which they have styled to perfection. They even manage to strike a pose that is very reminiscent of the character.

1 Sogeking

Usopp is one of the best characters in the series, even if he doesn’t have the power of a Sanji or a Luffy. His creation of Sogeking is one of the reasons it’s always great for cosplayers like Juicy_Queenie get it to life. In addition, it is not an easy cosplay to perform, since both the mask and the giant slingshot require a little time to make.

The good thing about what they did is that they used an actual wrap around their arms instead of wearing a long-sleeved white shirt and just wrapping their hand. So it seems more authentic.

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