One Piece, anime episode 1029: date, time and where to watch online

Add and continue! The animated adaptation of one of the most beloved and outstanding series from the Land of the Rising Sun continues to offer us, week after week, some of the most striking adventures and scenes of the moment. Indeed, we are talking about One Pieceand today we tell you when and where you can see the episode 1029 in spanish and completely legal. Do you want to know more? So let’s go to it.

When and where to watch One Piece anime: episode 1029

As usual every week, the new episode of the anime of One Piece will be broadcast on the platform and on the website of Crunchyroll. The company affiliated with Sony after its merger with Funimation is responsible for its serialization in spain and in many other Spanish-speaking countries.

Knowing the where, it only remains to answer the when. Well, episode 1029 of One Piece the next will be issued Sunday August 14 at 10:00 in the morning, peninsular time. In other words, we can enjoy the new chapter in just one week. Unlike the manga, at least until further notice, the anime does not take any breaks, although it is possible that a filler saga will be developed shortly due to the proximity between one and the other.

where: Crunchyroll.

when: Sunday, August 14.

At what time: at 10:00 peninsular time.


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