One Piece Chapter 1057 Hints To Break Twitter As Fans Debate Yamato Joining Crew

While Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump publication may be on hiatus this week, big-name series leakers have posted suggestions for One piece Chapter 1057. Interestingly, the clues seem a bit more specific and easy to follow than usual, and the ones in the know are apparently setting fans up for potential disappointment.

los One piece The clues from Chapter 1057 so far seem to confirm the Straw Hats’ departure from Wano in the next issue. Also, based on the clues released so far, there appears to be a major breakthrough on who may or may not join the Straw Hats on the rest of their journey.

Follow this article as it takes a full look at the divisive debate that One piece The clues of Chapter 1057 have caused among the fans of the series.

One piece Chapter 1057 hints at fans fighting each other over the chances of Carrot and Yamato joining the crew or not.

fan reaction

#ONEPIECE1057Oda please don’t let Yamato ruin this Peak CrewLuffy and his 3 Commanders are perfect Yamato does NOT need him 🤞🏻

As mentioned above, the lack of a weekly issue of Shonen Jump this week hasn’t stopped. One piece Chapter 1057 hints at the flooding of the Internet by reputable leakers. Clues seemingly suggest that Yamato may not be joining the crew, sparking a lot of debate among fans on the matter.

This fire has only been fueled by clues that include Carrot in this conversation, letting fans know that everyone wins in the end, but perhaps not in the way they expected. Many believe that both Yamato and Carrot will join the crew, or that neither will, swearing allegiance to their roles in Wano and Zou, respectively.

#ONEPIECE1056 #ONEPIECE1057 I don’t care how it goes, but I don’t think Carrot can’t join for ruling Zou. They gave him Pedro’s will, something we know can only be done with the Straw Hats. But I’m here for what Oda writes, be it Carrot or Yamato or not.

This has led to a massive debate among fans, mostly centered around the Yamato issue, with those involved lining up as whether or not they wanted them to join. As is typical of these types of divisive conversations, both sides wage their battles primarily through the creation and sharing of memes, often in formats expressing pleasure or displeasure with the latest leads.

A fan posted a photo of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons sleeping soundly with a smile on his face, captioning the tweet that it’s how they sleep at night knowing Yamato will be joining. Presumably, this tweet was made before hints began to be posted suggesting this might not be as iron-clad an assumption as many thought it to be.

Another fan posted an edited version of the scene where the Straw Hats leave Alabasta and say goodbye to Vivi Nefertari. However, in the edited version, it is Yamato looking towards the ship, and the Straw Hats give him the middle finger as they sail. In the original version, the group raise their fists and show their signs of friendship and trust as a sign of solidarity and love.

Among those who are debating whether or not Yamato or Carrot will join the crew are those who are apparently uninterested in the topic, instead focusing on the Red Haired Pirates. Many reference recent canon information that has been released about the team, as well as Shanks’ recent incredibly impressive display of Conqueror’s Haki.

Both Ben Beckman and Yasopp use rifles. Yasopp is the better shooter of the two. Beckman is stronger than Yasopp regardless, he sounds familiar. #ONE PIECEMOVIE ROAD #ONE PIECE #ONE PIECE1057

Instead, others lament that the series is on a break, as is typical when bye weeks roll around. Anyway, if the clues are to be believed, One piece Chapter 1057 will certainly make up for it with a historical chapter that sees the Wano arc finally come to an end.

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