One Piece Episodio 994 Streaming SUB ITA e ITA

Title: One Piece

Type: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Superpowers

Plot: Monkey D. Luffy is a dreamy young pirate who as a child has inadvertently eaten the fruit of the devil Gom Gom which makes him “elastic”, allowing him to stretch and deform at will, at the expense, however, of the ability to swim. The goal that pushed him into the sea is the ambitious one of becoming the Pirate King. He will therefore have to find the legendary “One Piece”, the magnificent treasure left by the mythical pirate Gol D. Roger probably on the island of Raftel, at the end of the Major Route, never found and every pirate’s dream. In his adventure, Luffy will reunite around him a crew and will find himself in the midst of bizarre and extravagant situations, at least as much as the characters, friends or enemies, present in the universe that surrounds him, who often reach absurd and grotesque levels and which give the work a surreal and fun atmosphere.


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