One Piece: Oda and the decision to “remove an eye” to Zoro

One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most successful works of the entire manga and anime landscape, and can boast an impressive fan following, all very devoted and linked to the work of Eiichiro Oda. Nothing escapes the watchful eye of this passionate community, which is among other things always ready to make theories, more or less improbable, about the future of the manga (among other things, it seems that none of the fan theory developed over the years approaching the true ending of the work).

One of the mysteries that fans of One Piece, since timeskip two years that Oda wanted to introduce in the manga after the narrative arc of the Marineford War, it was surely Roronoa Zoro’s left eye, or rather, the lack of the left eye.

The phenomenal swordsman had in fact spent the two years of timeskip training on the island of Dracule Mihawk, led by the best swordsman in the world. The loss of the eye must have been traced back to this period, and an accident was initially thought of during training Zoro. But soon the most disparate theories began to flood, ed Eiichiro Oda he has never bothered to throw too much light on the issue.

In a recent interview however, the author of One Piece he wanted to talk about Zoro, and specifically of her decision to deprive him of one eye. Room in fact he explained that he had decided to return Zoro “A one-eyed swordsman” long ago, shortly after starting the serialization of One Piece (1997). The idea would be communicated by Room to colleague Nobuhiro Watsuki, which would have thus given up the plan to include a similar character in Gun Blaze West, whose serialization would begin shortly thereafter. Watsuki in fact he did not want anyone to believe that Room copied the idea from him.

When though Watsuki he asked Room the reason why Zoro lost his eye, the author of One Piece he did not answer the question, leaving the mystery untouched. It seems that fans will have to wait, and find out what happened through the pages of the manga and the episodes of the anime.

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