One Piece: Stampede legally in the stream – is that possible?

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One Piece: Stampede is the 13th film based on the anime series and revolves around a gigantic pirate festival. But where can you legally watch the latest cinema adventure of the straw hat gang online?

A dream came true for fans of Luffy & Co. in September the year before last. The 13th movie for the anime series was released with subtitles in Germany and brought many popular characters together on the big screen for the first time. One Piece: Stampede is about a huge pirate festival that attracts both privateers and navy soldiers – and with this constellation, of course, trouble is inevitable. If you want to watch the film in the stream, we have to disappoint you.

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Is One Piece: Stampede legally available online?

No, there is currently no way to legally watch the Straw Hat Pirates’ latest cinema adventure online. Neither Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Crunchyroll have the film on offer.

That’s why One Piece: Stampede has been on for some time DVD and Blu-ray * available. The disc version has both a German dubbing and the original version with subtitles. If you buy the Collector’s Edition, there is also a small display, a magnet and five postcards.

You may also find One Piece: Stampede on One Piece-Tube, Aniflix and other streaming sites. These are even free, but you should bear in mind that such platforms share copyrighted content and accordingly act illegally. For users, there is a small but not negligible risk of being warned.

If the movie is legally available on the internet at some point, we will inform you here. Since the previous film offshoots cannot be viewed online either, the probability is quite low.

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