One Piece, the cosplay of Boa Hancock of fabibiworldcosplay is a real empress –

One Piece remains one of the pillars in terms of inspirations for cosplayers, as this also demonstrates Boa Hancock cosplay from fabibiworldcosplaywhich looks quite appropriate for an empress.

Amazon Empress Lily, Boa Hancock is one of the most popular characters for reinterpretations by various models and cosplayers, being one of the more charismatic of the entire anime / manga series. The captain of the Piratesse Kuja, a member of the Fleet of Seven before the disbandment of the group, is in fact a woman who does not exactly go unnoticed.

Universally regarded in the series as “the most beautiful woman of the world “, despite certainly having considerable competition, she lives up to her fame by always showing herself very haughty and extremely elegant, able to fascinate anyone (except Luffy, it seems). This reinterpretation by fabibiworldcosplay focuses particularly on the reconstruction of the dress, which is presented here as that of great occasions.

The cosplayer’s Boa Hancock features a dress complex and sumptuous, characterized by the patterns seen also in the series, in addition to the inevitable black hair and with the long cut. Ultimately, it is a particularly successful cosplay, although it is obviously difficult to obtain a total similarity with the features of the character, also considering the particular trait of Eiichiro Oda.

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