One Punch-Man: Female Sonic Cosplay Brings Modern Ninja Into World

Sonic “Speed ​​of Sound” is an antagonist of One Punch-Man, who has sworn to train until exhaustion to end Saitama’s life, and thanks to this cosplay made by KohakuNoYume (Pinterest) we can see a female version of the character who has taken her training to the end of her life.

Behind his delicate (and even feminine) appearance, Sonic is a ninja who polishes his skills hard and does not hesitate to test them against another character who he considers strong. The cosplayer it reflects this “perseverance” of the character showing him with a large number of wounds all over his body.

One Punch Man Female Sonic Cosplay Brings Modern Ninja Into World

Training to be the number one ninja | Photo: @kohakunoyume (Pinterest)

The last we heard about Sonic in both the manga and the anime is that he had a tremendous stomach disease after eating a monster cell that he cooked. Although on the other hand the web comic is already preparing a stage where they give more details about the past of this character and his relationship with another character: the rank 12 S-class hero, Flash and Flash.

In fact, KohakunoYume took advantage of this relationship between characters to make another cosplay with his counterpart who belongs to the superhero side.

One Punch Man Female Sonic Cosplay Brings Modern Ninja Into World

The ninjas of One Punch-Man | Photo:

What did you think of this female version of Sonic from One Punch-Man?


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