Onirik – Secret Innocent World: volume 1

Presentation of the editor

Ritsu, a very serious office worker, hides an unspeakable secret: she dresses up as a cartoon character. One day, while having fun quietly cosplaying as her favorite character, she bumps into Kazami, one of her superiors at work.

“I won’t say anything, if you obey me kindly”, he declares to her a few days later …

Hirone’s review

Ritsu Nanao is an ordinary office worker, her only particularity is to be very adept at the rules of accounting. But whatever, for her it is only food work. Beside that, she lives her passion for the cartoon Lilika Return. Nanao secretly asserts herself in the cosplay of the heroine of his series. She enjoys making costumes, wearing them, stepping into the role of Lilika and going to conventions with her team of superheroines.

Nanao separates her real life at her work from her passion for cosplay. She cherishes her secret with love, until one day at a convention, she bumps into Kazami, her company’s new trainer. Fortunately, she is coplayed, but would he have recognized her?

If Kazami is at first suspicious (Ritsu is not fooled and fears having fallen on a pervert), she quickly realizes that the latter is sincere. He loves the character of Lilika as much as she does. This is why he is going to offer her to live with him so that she can devote herself to his passion. He takes care of all the household chores and in return she has to be dressed as Lilika all the time at home.

If we pass this funny contract, the manga is rather quite pleasant. The two adults join with pleasure a small cocoon out of time when they return home. Kazami is a kind man who offers Ritsu a safe haven. Both can live their passion without hiding. They disconnect from reality and have fun together. But the reality is not far away, especially by the presence of Kazami’s ex-wife.

The characters are no longer teenagers, they have to conform to an image in public and what is called real life. You can feel the pressure from society, but also the fact that their passion is something almost shameful. Ritsu also grows throughout this first volume. Our heroine is new to love and the friendly feeling that arises between her and Kazami will gradually change.

The manga also allows itself to tackle somewhat more sensitive subjects. If we stay overall within the framework of a fairly classic shojo, it is not something unpleasant. Add to that a rather sweet and cute graphics. We can only succumb to the charm of this short series [1].

Technical sheet

Format: pocket
Pages : 192
Publisher: Kurokawa
Release: September 10, 2020
Price: € 6.90


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