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v1.0.4 Android version

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Ordinary Me and Unusual Friends is an adventure game based on text plot play. This game tells a lot of unusual things that happened in an unremarkable campus. The story of a high school student who is not a friend of Mihashichu, who became friends with ghosts and witches by a coincidence, and the game unfolds. The work not only incorporates a large number of vivid and unique plots, but also combines adventure elements and classics. The RPG aesthetics feels the fresh picture theme style. It is worth mentioning that the picture is also designed with a fresh and simple Japanese animation style, so that players can feel the warmth of colleges and universities in the warm plot content. An ordinary text adventure game tells the story of an ordinary high school student who was born in the avatar of a few monsters and ghosts became friends.

Ordinary me and extraordinary friends

Game features

The plot story is very exciting, with rich puzzle-solving elements, and the gameplay rhythm is relatively fast.

In the game, you will make friends with various monsters and monsters, and you need to help them graduate successfully.

A lot of exciting story plots provide players with experience, through various tests to achieve their goals.

Collect all kinds of plot stories you want, so that all kinds of story plots can develop smoothly.

Ordinary me and extraordinary friends

Game highlights

Work with your friends and partners in the community to solve various problems and solve various risky risks.

Only oneself in the club is an ordinary person, and all your other members are members with superpowers.

Among these great friends, you have to find ways to help them deal with the various tests they encounter in their daily lives.

Ordinary me and extraordinary friends

Game content

The school in this work has neither excellent admission scores nor demonstrable club experience. What is even more inconspicuous is that it has become the protagonist of the transfer student, but in a coincidence, your role is related to the ghost and witch Joined a club and became friends, and the club is not simple. The purpose of its existence is to tell the ghosts and witches all the things in human society, and let them graduate safely.

Ordinary me and extraordinary friends

In the challenge, you will find that the character of the character will gradually change, and whether the ghost and the witch can graduate successfully and other content is waiting for the player to explore. You can put yourself in the position and feel the unique non-combat story game, which is also perfectly combined. A combination of exciting adventure elements and RPG innovation.

The game has original music praised by players and a thrilling game plot. The plot is deduced and the condensed plot is arranged in it, so that different players can enjoy the original story. The work will be based on colleges and universities. The background, with a warm plot.

The design in this work creates a fresh and simple style. You can bring you simple and convenient operation through the overall atmosphere of humor.

Ordinary me and extraordinary friends

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