Orochimaru already has his replica in real life thanks to a completely barbaric Naruto cosplay

One of the first antagonists to have a fierce confrontation with Naruto and hundreds of ninjas was the mighty Orochimaru, who thanks to his forbidden jutsus was able to provoke the chaos and destruction both inside and outside Konoha.

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Furthermore, due to its incredible knowledge about jutsus, Konoha has decided leave him alive to become an ally. Fortunately, one of his fans has made a fascinating cosplay in his honor and here we are going to see it.

The incredible Orochimaru cosplay that you can’t miss

Below, you can see the result of the work of a professional cosplayer called Simply-shiz, who has decided impersonate the fearsome Orochimaru quite barbarian.

Hi! That’s my Orochimaru cosplay again. Gonna finish the full costume soon 🐍 My ig: simply.shiz from Naruto

As you can see, the character is prostrate in a seat, and the most notable is the makeup, as it perfectly simulates the original version. All these traits can be noticed from his profiled nose to signature brow styling. As if that were not enough, her skin is white and pale and shows her iconic long black hair, of course without leaving aside her snake style eyes.

What feats do you remember from Orochimaru?

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