Our city carries out the theme activities of the Beginning of the Autumn Festival

Our city carries out the theme activities of the Beginning of the Autumn Festival

2022-08-08 19:17:16Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News A roll of autumn wind, a pillow of new coolness, a tree of golden cicadas, and a leaf to know the autumn. Summer is gradually closing, everything is autumn, mountains and rivers are dyed gold, and Chang’an lives up to autumn. In order to help the recovery of cultural tourism in Xi’an and enhance the cultural connotation of public space, the twenty-four solar terms of traditional culture are used as the starting point to accurately grasp the spiritual needs of citizens and tourists, and to make traditional culture “live”. On August 7th, Xi’an Citizen Tourist Service Center, China Color Research Institute, Xi’an Qiaohe Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Xi’an Thirteen Armor Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Qianfodong Art Museum jointly launched the “Starting Autumn” theme activity of the twenty-four solar terms. . The event adopts a combination of online and offline methods, inviting citizens and tourists to enjoy the beauty of autumn online and offline.

Online, the China Color Research Institute, a cross-border Chinese color IP agency of Xi’an Citizen Tourist Service Center, co-branded the “24 solar terms Chinese color” solar term card, and jointly launched a series of theme wallpapers with local cultural tourism entities and cultural IP in Xi’an, and through the video account to spread. Beginning of autumn, cool breeze, all things are harvested; Yaoguang, the symbol of ancient auspiciousness, is taken from the “24 solar terms Chinese colors” in the beginning of autumn “Yaoguang orange”, “Yaoguang is the one who nourishes all things”, which means that Chang’an lives up to the autumn I mean, auspiciousness is always there.

The offline activities were splendid. The golden armored warriors joined hands with Mr. Bai Yuhao to dance in front of the citizen visitor center, giving people a high-spirited and heart-warming feeling. Golden armor warrior, Chinese style, free and easy and heroic, with a long sword, wielding a sword to travel the world, Mr. Bai Yuhao incarnates Li Bai, dancing lightly in light clothes, his movements are chic and elegant, although he does not have a sword in his hand, but his momentum is stronger, It is full of oriental charm, and it combines hardness and softness to complete a romance that spans thousands of years.

Tang Niu’s father Erqiao painted on the spot, which pushed the event to a climax. With his unique painting style and emotion, “Tang Niu” is a little bit of autumn, allowing her and the audience to travel through the prosperous Chang’an to experience human feelings and fireworks. Afterwards, Mr. Er Qiao filled in the color on the spot and dyed the painting golden yellow, implying that Chang’an and you are shining in golden autumn at this moment.

At the same time, it also interacts with citizens and tourists. Tourists who participate in offline activities send short videos or photos to Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Weibo, and Moments with the topic #Xianyoufu, and bring the location of Xi’an Citizen Tourist Service Center. On the spot, you can get a customized card from the Xi’an Citizen Tourist Service Center, and with the Xi’an Tourism Medal, you can visit the “Millennium Ebony” immersive gem mural exhibition for free.

The relevant person in charge of the Xi’an Citizen Tourist Service Center said that as a window for the external display of Xi’an’s cultural and tourism resources, it will continue to innovate public cultural services, enrich the supply of public cultural service products, and further promote the integration of culture and tourism, and strive to create a warm urban meeting room.

Yang Ming, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

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