»Overlord«: Two new characters from Albedo presented

There is good news for fans of the fantasy anime “Overlord”: While the fourth season of the series and the new film project are still a long way off, KADOKAWA recently announced two new characters from Albedo. You can see the first pictures below in the article.

New characters will appear next year

The first new figure, designed by the sculptor Yuukoon and made from ABS and PVC, belongs to the “KD Colle” brand and measures 28.5 centimeters at a scale of 1: 7. The release is planned for February 2022 at a price of 29,700 yen (about 228 euros). A pre-order is possible from July 29, 2021 at various figure dealers.

The second new figure from Albedo is around 59 centimeters tall on a 1: 4 scale and weighs a proud 12 kilograms. This is limited to 128 copies and is expected to be delivered in March 2022. The price is 115,500 yen (about 888 euros). The pre-order phase has already started and will run until July 31, 2021 exclusively in Online Shop von KADOKAWA.

The anime implementation of the light novel of the same name by Kugane Maruyama currently comprises three seasons as well as two compilation films, which are available on disc at KSM Anime in this country. It is currently unclear when the fourth season and the new film project will continue.

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“KD Colle” figure by Albedo:

Limited figure from Albedo:

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