Overview of changes in the release schedule of Russia for the week from 5 to 11 April

The past week has quite noticeably changed the schedule of Russian releases. News came from both majors and independent companies. So, Disney postponed the release of the film KRUELLA on June 3rd. It was previously announced on May 27.

On Saturday, Paramount studio in the USA changed the dates of 10 of its project, and after it, Central Partnership. GI JOE: COBRA THROW: SNAKE EYES moved from July 22, and the fourth part of the franchise Freaks took 14 October. New dates have received projects with the participation of Tom Cruise. TOP GAN: MEVERIK moved on November 18th. Previously, this date was occupied by seventh part of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, however, it has now been moved to May 26, 2022. Eighth part the franchise departed on July 6, 2023. As of November 3, 2022 in Russia, the company delivered tape about the group Bee Gees, and also postponed the film adaptation of the game to March 2, 2023 DUNGEON OF DRAGONS, and on July 8, 2023 – will be released new STAR TREK, On November 9 of the same year they will release a project called THE SHRINKING OF TREEHORN and immediately a week after it (November 16) – a new one that does not yet have an approved name film by John Krasinski with Ryan Reynolds… In addition, in connection with the departure to streaming Amazon Prime, the fantastic action was removed from the schedule. WAR OF THE FUTURE (Tomorrow War).

Sony announced dates for a whole block of new projects. Anime got up on May 20 DEMON PLAYER: THE ENDLESS TRAIN (Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Ressha-Hen), and on August 5th – cartoon MONSTERS ON HOLIDAYS: TRANSFORMATION (Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania). August 12th took the thriller DO NOT BREATH 2 (Don’t Breathe 2). Domestic cartoon BUKA. MY FAVORITE BEAST released on September 2, and officially moved on September 16 VENOM 2… Project RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACOON CITY got up on November 25, and on December 30, the company announced the cartoon of the Melnitsa studio THREE GODS AND A HORSE ON THE THRONE.

“Karoprokat” announced a comedy on June 24 THE DAMNED OFFICER… On July 22, I got up as a romcom LOVE IN HOT WEEKS.

MEGOGO postponed the release of fantasy action ASSASSIN: BATTLE OF THE WORLDS on June 3rd. Norwegian cartoon also got up on this date 4 BOOTS AND BARSUK (Knutsen & Ludvigsen 2). In addition, the company announced a thriller with Megan Fox for July 1st. IN THE WEST (Till Death) and postponed the release of the cartoon COATI. HEART OF JUNGLE on July 8th.

“Exhibitor film” announced two new items. On June 24th, the Australian thriller came up THE DRY, and on July 15th – horror THE UNFAMILIAR. “Our film” announced on June 24 horror DOLL (Play with me).

The company has “Cascade” – two new items at once: a South Korean militant got up on May 6 Eruption (Baekdusan), and on May 20 – Mexican thriller NEW ORDER (New order). RWV removed two projects from the schedule – biographical drama TUVE, which stood on May 6, and horror KINDREDannounced on June 3rd. No new dates have been announced. “Cynology” postponed the release of the film A FIGHTER WITHOUT RULES on 26 August.

“Pioneer” announced two new issues of the almanac MIXERS AND FRIENDS IN MOVIES… They will be released on June 10 and July 8. On July 29, the company staged a romantic musical comedy A SINGER ON THE WHOLE HEAD (Falling for Figaro). In addition, the company moved the project MARGELA: IN OWN WORDS on June 10. Comedy HELP, I REDUCE MY PARENTS! left on May 27, and its continuation HELP, I REDUCE MY FRIENDS! – on September 16.

“Russian Report” postponed the release of the tape to July 15 LOVERS… The film moved on August 13 VAN GOG IN LOVE.

KINOLIFE Distribution announced on April 15 almanac of short films LOVE SHORTS… On April 29, a domestic project will be released in cinemas ON FAR FRONTIERS… The tape will be rolled without the involvement of distribution companies.

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11.04.2021 Author: Artur Chachelov


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