Overwatch, the cosplay of D.Va signed Miss Bri is very cute: here are the photos – Nerd4.life

Waiting for news on the sequel, Overwatch undoubtedly remains one of the games that most inspired the cosplay, and the one made this time by Miss Bri on the base of D.Va it is certainly very cute.

After playing Miss Fortune from League of Legends and Princess Leia from Star Wars, Bri confirms herself as an attentive, passionate and even ironic model: if the others put generous shapes on it, she puts a smile on her.

Of course that doesn’t mean the girl isn’t very beautiful, far from it! And in the accompanying post at photo take the opportunity to joke about never being on the hunt with his cosplay.

D.Va is actually a very popular character among Overwatch fans: the girl fights using a powerful, fully armed mech with devastating maneuvers!

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