Parchments and “state of souls”: new anti-theft device for the historical archive of Bobbio

It is the real Bobbio vault, the safe that has locked up the most precious treasure of a millenary community, the answer to the only question capable of getting us up in the morning, “Who are we?”, Or “Where do we come from?”. There in the Historical Archives of Piazza Duomo, the former Bobbiensi Historical Archives in the premises of the former seminary, the director Pietro Scottini a silent wheel turns safely – a kind of steering wheel, and there is more than one – and clack, a corridor opens in monastic silence, then another, another, as if there were a spool of thread which, , unites and stitches the history of the valleys. Inside, stacked on the walls, there are kilos of dates among which Scottini orientates himself inch by inch, names, surnames, weddings, funerals, baptisms, draft lists, electoral lists, the land registry, there is also “the state of souls ”, That is, who lived where and when in every single hamlet, even those of Valdaveto, and Torrio, Selva, Menconico, Brignole, the sacraments. Then, the wonder opens up: ancient parchments section, there is one from 1.027.

“The creation of safety and consultation copies of the most perishable material and of the greatest historical-cultural value in the Bobbio Archive has made use in recent years of new information technologies, such as the digitization of the Episcopal and Capitular Diplomat of Bobbio and fund Codes and liturgical-musical fragments ”, explains the director.


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