Personality of the week: Patrice Lavoie (Hill + Knowlton Strategies)

Patrice Lavoie, Vice-president Quebec at Hill + Knowlton Strategies

  • Frequently used expressions:
    • Positive Vibes ! My Dreamteam! Pay it forward! See the glass half full!
    • During media coaching:
      • Empathy !
      • What I’m going to tell you is not what we teach in the ledgers but …
    • Regarding the importance of innovating:
      • Better to drive the train than to run behind it to catch up with it.
      • I had a mustache and a mullet before it came back into fashion.
  • Favorite movies (or favorite series):
    • Films : The Dark Knight, Lost in Translation, Her, Crazy, Les amours imaginaires and The Nightmare before Christmas
    • Series : Big Brother, Survivor, Shameless and the series Batman from the 60s, with Adam West.
  • Favorite hobby :
    • Think of me as Lana Del Rey on Instagram with a vintage, soulful aesthetic.
    • Believe that my dog ​​is the slimmest and smartest in the world and train him to impress the visit hoping to one day get a call from Cirque du Soleil.
    • Spend time in my workshop, with my tools, to build cosplay items.
    • Make funny and inspiring videos on TikTok, in particular to raise awareness that dadbods and the mombods are more popular than abs, and you have to love and accept yourself as you are, be happy, have self-confidence, etc.
    • Help causes that are close to my heart.
    • Netflix and Chill with my boyfriend
    • Spending time with my mom.
    • Renovate my chalet.
    • Sell ​​and buy properties.
  • Fun facts :
    • I have a photographic memory which enables me to read and assimilate the content of a document excessively quickly.
    • I am basically unbeatable at Monopoly.
    • I have a large collection of Funko Pop figures (I have a bit of a geek side).
    • I have my full training as a professional firefighter.


While Patrice used to give millions of dollars to lottery winners, now he has the chance to give millions of tips to the many customers of H + K Strategies who can count on his long experience, both in strategic communications and brand positioning, as well as press relations, social media and crisis management.

With nearly 20 years of experience in large corporations and government corporations, and with more than 4,500 media interviews as a spokesperson to his credit, he joined the team ofH+K in June. Leader, human and mobilizing manager, Patrice is a public figure well known to journalists and within the world of public relations in Quebec. His professional experience includes Loto-Québec and Hydro-Québec, but also the Montreal School Board, the Société des casinos du Québec and the Canadian Center for Architecture. He was also a TV journalist for TVA and TQS.

” I have chosen H + K Strategies for the talent of its people and for the scope and quality of its mandates, its expertise and its clients. I also greatly appreciate the strong human and inclusive side that emanates throughout the organization. Both in Quebec and with my colleagues in other Canadian provinces, I discover brilliant and passionate people. We hire you for your expertise and we want to hear from you. We all work together, and we rely on each other to ultimately offer the best to customers. In addition, as I have a slightly hyperactive side, the idea of ​​joining an agency to benefit not one, but several organizations from my expertise and my experience, was an easy choice ”, underlines the tattooed communicator who shares now his time between Charlevoix and Montreal.

With more than 225,000 subscribers on his personal and professional accounts, Patrice is also probably the most followed Quebec public relations professional on social media. He masters communication on a wide range of platforms and uses his reputation to support the outreach of the organizations and people he represents, as well as the many causes with which he is associated. “People often ask me how I find the time to feed all my content platforms so frequently. It’s simple: I always have several ideas and I have developed with great ease over time. A TikTok usually takes me 1-2 minutes to film and post. An Instagram photo the same. The trick: prepare several publications in the morning, evening or weekend, and publish them during the week. And my hyperactive side means that I often post while doing something else, listening to Netflix at night, for example, but never during a couple’s chat. I tried, and it’s not recommended 😉 “

He is also a lecturer in press relations at UQAM and lecturer in public relations techniques. Also involved in his professional environment, he is involved with the Quebec Society of Public Relations Professionals and a member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec.

“Always surround yourself with brilliant people and never be afraid to do things differently if you think you are right. There will always be people to criticize or who will not understand your vision, take action, have confidence in yourself, and time and successes will prove you right. “


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