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St. Petersburg courts have restricted access to six Japanese anime, the Northern Capital’s united court press service said on February 1.

“The district courts of St. Petersburg issued a ruling on the application of measures of preliminary protection in the administrative claims of prosecutors on the recognition of information posted on the Internet at e-mail addresses, information, the dissemination of which on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited,” the Telegram channel said.

It is clarified that among the anime, access to which is limited until the consideration of cases on the merits and the entry into force of the decision of the courts, there are “Prince of Darkness from the Back”, “Still Life in Gray Tones”, “Manyu’s Blade”, “Prince of Darkness and a Hero” , “Interspecies Reviewers” and “Assassin Class”.

Access is limited to the sites, Yummy Anime, AnimeGO and the social network VKontakte.

On January 20, the Kolpinsky court satisfied the prosecutor’s claim and declared the distribution of the Japanese anime Death Note and Inuyashiki banned in Russia.

Prosecutors indicated that it contained footage of brutality, murder and violence.

A week earlier in St. Petersburg, a sixth grader fell out of a window when he tried to repeat a scene from his favorite anime – he was a fan of Death Note and was a member of the corresponding group in one of the social networks.

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