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Hello, this is Susan

Today, the animation I saw a while ago

Disney pixar ‘soul’Is a story about.

The first thing I admired while watching’Soul’

The quality of animation technology is really

I thought that it was elevated.

Each finger playing the piano

Each finger playing a saxophone

It feels like a real human hand

The texture of the fabric and hair, etc.

It felt so realistic

And another thing is that of animation

What does the title’Soul’ mean?

I was really curious, but we lived

Especially when living like this

Trapped by circumstances, living the same life every day

If you see’Soul’ at least once,

I think you will be able to heal.

First, this is the storyline that appeared in Naver Movie Information.


Joe, who worked as a music teacher in New York, dreamed

Play in the best bands and jazz clubs ever

The day that became, become a soul through an unexpected accident

It falls into the’world before birth’.

Before birth, souls and mentors

‘World before birth’ issuing an earth pass when found

‘Joe’ is the only one who doesn’t want to go to Earth

Become the mentor of the cynical soul ’22’.

The souls of Lincoln, Gandhi and Mother Teresa who also gave up mentoring.

In order to stand on the stage of ’22’ dream, you need an earth pass of ’22’

‘Joe’ Will he be able to return to Earth and stand on the stage of his dreams?

Jo works as a contract music teacher at a middle school

There was. Like this, in the Jazz Training Club with the students

He was a teacher who prepared and practiced the performance.

But in the corner of my mind, I always have a jazz piano player

It was the kind of person I dreamed of.

Then one day from a school teacher,

You were asked to take a music course as a full-time employee.

I’m not happy for some reason.

But Joe’s mother said about Joe’s playing music

I’m not very reluctant. Joe’s father also

I was a jazz player, but the life of a musician

It was not stable, so it was difficult economically.

The mother who runs the tailor shop

Because you did everything.

Then I got a call from Joe’s old disciple

A saxophone called Dorothy Williams, famous in America

I was in charge of playing the drums of the player’s quartet

The piano player’s seat is empty and ask for a play.

I went to the jazz bar where I was playing.

In the beginning, Dorothy Williams was a joga middle school music

I heard that I was a teacher and I was not an artist

I used to ignore it, but soon we came together

After listening to Joe’s solo, he was satisfied

Suggest to play.

If you fall in love while playing,

Joe is deeply sucked into the world

Joe got a difficult opportunity

I am happy. Even dangerously crossing the road

Somewhere on the phone and bragging about ignorance

Excited about tomorrow’s performance

I don’t look at the side and walk wildly. and then

You fall into a manhole and you have an accident.

Joe lost his life and came to the afterlife,

I can’t admit this to the afterlife

I run backwards on my way and fall somewhere

That place is the youth seminar, the world of’before birth’

Will come.

What I felt was a really fun imagination

In the’before birth’ world, human senses and

Through various institutions to form a personality

Each ability and personality on the badge

It’s a system that goes into the human soul

The mentors from the afterlife

Find and fill in the last space

The souls obtained go down to Earth.

Here, Joe stayed at the youth seminar for a long time,

The soul of troublemaker No. 22 who gave up looking for’chuck’

Meet. Of course,’Jo’ is for tomorrow’s performance

Trying to get back to the original

Method 22, regardless of soul, means, and method

Find it.

Hastily jumped into Earth and entered the body, but…

The gasp…the 22nd soul is

Come into the soul of the cat used for nursing

The two become confused.

Soul number 22 came to Earth suddenly.

I didn’t know how to walk or how to eat, so it was a mess

Joe, who became a cat, can talk to Soul 22,

In conversations with ordinary people, only the sound of a cat cry

I didn’t hear

Joe and the 22nd soul after many twists and turns

Soul No. 22 gradually adapted to the Earth

Having fun while communicating with people

You get it.

Originally, the two promised 30 minutes before the playing time.

At 6:30, Mr. Moonwind, who is in a situation similar to himself,

With the help of Joe’s soul,

Promise and soul number 22 to go back to the youth seminar

I promised, soul number 22 is felt on Earth

A lot of things get better, run away from Joe,

The two eventually manage the afterlife of Yoo Seminar again.

Taken by Terry and return to the Youth Seminar.

Joe gets mad at the youth seminar again

The performance was right in front of me, but I get angry because I messed up

Meanwhile, when I saw the badge number 22,

It’s filled with’chobs’

Joe said that it was because of himself that he was filled

Get in your body, know jazz and listen to music

It’s fun and it’s raining

It hurts soul number 22.

In fact, soul number 22 pretended to be a troublemaker,

I’ve been looking for’chok’ countless times,

I couldn’t find it, I’m afraid that I’ll never find it

Because it was a soul I didn’t try to find.

Even though his last space’chok’ is filled,

I don’t know the purpose or meaning of myself

Soul number 22 who thinks it doesn’t need a badge

So soul 22 gives Joe the right to earth

Throw it away, and you are haemae again.

Joe has the right of way again

Go to Earth and finally get into your body

Just in time for 7 o’clock, Dorothy Williams

You will play with the quartet.

After a wonderful performance, Dorothy Williams will start tomorrow

I have to be happy to tell you to keep playing together, but Joe

You will feel strangely empty feelings.

I’ve been waiting for today’s day to play a lifetime

Performance is now becoming a daily routine

Vanity is coming.

At that time, I remembered Soul 22

Joe returns to the youth seminar and searches for the soul number 22.

Soul No. 22 is already full of frustration and wanders around as a wandering soul

I was in despair, but as Joe tells me of some good memories on Earth,

It gives me a lot of reading and encourages me to return to the 22nd soul again.

Joe gives the 22nd soul the right to go to earth

We will greet you as much as you can.

And at the Youth Seminar, Joe will give him a chance to go back to Earth.


This time while watching an anime called’Soul’

I really felt a lot, but I majored in music

It was able to empathize more with me.

Like other jobs, but like arts and sports

Opportunities are narrow and for those that require constant effort

You will always have a goal-oriented life.

If you get a chance like that, you become empty

I get to think about what to live for.

The momentary pride passes in the blink of an eye

Before that, the effort is endlessly long.

It was a very moving Annie for me.

At one time, you have to live to find meaning in life

I could live.

However, as I got older, my experiences

Alive, breathing, walking

All of these things were considered valuable.

And what makes me is my ability and

I thought it was a spec, but expressing my personality

In addition to the natural things that have already been given by God,

I thought it was all the little things to feel joy


Those who feel meaningless in the same daily routine

Those who are tired of having no pleasure in their daily repetitive life

Healing while watching Disney Pixar’s Soul

I recommend:)

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