[Photo Exhibition Report]Pay attention to private shots that can only be seen at the venue. First exhibition of models and cameramen who have walked together for 6 years-Digital camera Watch

The photo exhibition “BABY’Flash Back” by cosplayer JILL and cameraman Yuki Yuzawa started on September 11th at Atelier Y -Ebisu-. Here, we asked them about the concept and episodes of the photo exhibition. The session is until September 26th.

41 photos are lined up at the venue, and you can see various JILLs from commercial photos to private shots. The works were taken in a short period of two days, but all of them are spectacular.

In particular, the black-and-white photographs taken at JILL’s home are a must-see for fans, as they are not listed in the catalog and can only be seen at the venue.

“I want you to see various scenes studded” –JILL

――Please briefly introduce yourself.

My name is JILL and I am a model from a cosplayer. Recently, I have a lot of gravure work. I also produce apparel.

――What made you decide to take this photo exhibition?

I have a birthday event every year, but this year I can’t get together at once, so I think it’s a good idea to have a photo exhibition so that you can come and see it whenever you want. I planned.

–What is your point of contact with Mr. Yuzawa?

Mr. Yuzawa was originally a cosplay cameraman, and we have been taking pictures since we were about to start cosplay activities with each other. I’ve been with him for about 6 years now.

――This is your first photo exhibition.

I agree. I started taking pictures after it was decided to hold a photo exhibition, but I was worried at the time of shooting whether what I was taking would be properly assembled and shaped.

I usually make photo books in the form of books called douujinshi, but when it comes to photo exhibitions, I felt that the way they were presented was completely different from books.

――What do you think about being able to take pictures? ..

There was something I didn’t like about myself, but as I continued to take photographs, I became able to connect with the people around me, and I think it’s really fun to be able to work in that environment.

――What do you want to see this time?

Doujinshi is completed in one place, and the theme is one-shot, so I wanted to sprinkle various scenes. I think you can see various pictures.

Also on display are private photos taken by Mr. Yuzawa when he came to his house. That’s the black-and-white photo, and I dare to put out what I thought I wouldn’t show to the fans. It’s a big deal, so I thought of a photo that only people who came could see.

-Did you decide on your own costume?

Yes. I prepare everything myself. I also rent it, so I tried on clothes that I wouldn’t sell in that area.

By the way, there is a picture of a bird of paradise flower, which I bought at a flower shop. I thought it was a cool flower, and I wanted to take a shot that looked out from between the flowers, so I bought it just for that scene (laughs).

――What was the shooting like?

It feels like we’ve grown together, so we were doing it while sharing ideas. This time, we made it with the participation of assistant cameramen and makeup.

I wasn’t particularly nervous, but I proceeded while thinking that I could share what I was thinking and what Mr. Yuzawa was thinking.

However, I also tried to stay as usual without doing anything special. At that time, I was able to show the good points that I could put out.

――What is your impression after shooting?

I have a lot of favorite photos this time, but I still wanted to take them. When I do a photo exhibition, it looks like a culmination, but when I go to the studio next time, I have a lot of things I want to do and want to do.

The big discovery this time is that shooting with water is a pain if we don’t cooperate (laughs). For example, I had a hard time wrinkling thin fabrics unless I continued to sprinkle water on them.

――Lastly, please give a few words to the readers.

I’ve taken gravure-like photos so far, so I’m a little worried that if I release a work like this one, my fans will be shaken off (laughs). So I want you to follow me firmly.

“What I wanted to show the most was a private shot” -Yuki Yuzawa

――Why do you want to shoot JILL?

The reason I started taking JILL was to try taking a proper cosplay photo. Going back six years ago, I think that the desire to step into a world we didn’t know yet matched each other. That was a long time.

JILL seems to be solid and has a cute misunderstanding, and the gap there is cute. I had the impression that it was a solid older sister plus a clumsy child.

–What is the concept of your work?

This time, I decided to shoot JILL, who isn’t very textured. I think that’s what happened. I think I was able to capture the atmosphere of JILL as usual.

I like the black-and-white photos I took at JILL’s house, and I think this is the part I wanted to show the most this time. I was able to take a picture that is closer to her original part, so I would like you to see that special feeling.

–Did you have a new challenge?

It’s a water shoot. I haven’t done it yet, so I definitely wanted to try it. It feels like Fukushima (Yuji Fukushima from the same office) taught me how to do it. Anyway, there aren’t enough hands on site (laughs). I was groping, so I learned a lot. Among them, it was good to be able to take the main dramatic cut.

――What did you keep in mind while shooting?

Tell them that you can make it natural, and take pictures as close to the original as possible. Perhaps because it’s a cosplayer, when I usually point the camera at him, JILL makes a quick face. I try not to go out there as much as possible. I think that I was able to take pictures of faces that I rarely see because I try to do so because there are many pictures that seem to be a little missing.

――What is your shooting equipment?

I bought a Leica Q2 for this shoot. I chose it because it looked like a lover, or because I was aiming for an image with a close sense of distance. All the monochrome works I took at JILL’s house are taken in Q2.

Q2 is a 28mm lens with a large perspective. I think many people take landscapes and snapshots, but I don’t think it’s for portraits. However, by focusing on one person, I think I was able to take a private snapshot-like work. I think that people who look at photographs may feel the subject closer.

Others used the Sony α7R IV, which is my usual work camera. The lens is almost GM’s 35mm F1.4. Since it is a high-pixel machine, some of them were cropped and taken with a feeling of 50 mm. It was easy to use because it fits in my hand.

–What about lighting?

It looks like natural light, but most of them use HMI or LED lights. I devised it to be dramatic by reflecting it on the floor or making it into a spot shape. I don’t use strobes at all.

On the other hand, what I took at JILL’s house was taken with the light on the spot using a stand light that was there.

–Please give a few words to the readers.

I hope you will come to see JILL, who you can’t usually see. Especially the private shot part was enthusiastic, so I would be happy if you could see JILL’s new cuteness.

Photo exhibition overview


AtelierY -Ebisu-
* 2nd floor of Kusunoki Building, 3-25-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

open time

Weekdays: 15:00~21:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 13: 00-21: 00


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