Photo of Bernie Sanders in mittens at Biden’s inauguration became a meme and brought almost $ 2 million

US Senator Bernie Sanders chose not a fashionable coat, but an ordinary parka for Joe Biden’s inauguration. He decided to supplement his “image” with mittens made of eco-wool. As a result, he only became famous, but also earned a large amount of money.

Senator from American Vermont Bernie Sanders became famous and enriched by almost two million dollars after the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States Joe Biden.

The fact is that, unlike all other participants and guests of the gala event, Sanders came to the ceremony in a jacket and mittens. A photo of a frowning senator in this form instantly hit all the media and turned into a meme with lightning speed. The politician sitting on the chair has practically become the American version of the well-known Zhdun. Creatives created fun collages with him, adding films, anime and other photographs to frames.

Unexpected popularity prompted the senator to create his own merchandise.

On the official website of the 79-year-old politician, items of clothing with a photograph of Sanders were launched on sale. In particular, we are talking about T-shirts and sweatshirts, the entire batch of which was sold out in less than an hour. At the same time, the cost of the T-shirts was $ 27, and the sweatshirts were sold for $ 45.

Thus, the politician managed to earn almost two million dollars. He has already issued a statement that he will send all the funds received to charity in his home state of Vermont.

It is reported that the author of the famous Sanders mittens was a teacher from Vermont, Jen Ellis. After the inauguration, the woman began to receive a huge number of orders for such products, but she refused to fulfill them, and only made several pairs for a charity auction. Interestingly, according to Jen Ellis, she does not knit mittens herself, but makes them from old sweaters – she simply sews together pieces of material of the desired shape.


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