Pixar made an Up anime, and it looks amazing

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For years, fans have created animations based on Pixar movies, but with different styles. This in order to give a new twist to the stories we already know. However, this time we are not talking about self-employment, but about a Pixar production, which turns Up’s film into an anime.

As part of the Pixar Remix series, the animation studio was tasked with providing summaries of their films, but with a different visual style. In this way, a few days ago the official Pixar account on YouTube posted a video where we can see all of Up’s most important events in just two minutes. Best of all is that this simplified version of the story is made like an anime, with everyone and the characteristic expressions of the environment.

This is not the first work of Pixar Remix, for a long time we have seen a video of Wall-E, but in 16 bits. It only remains to wait for the studio to work on more films. Maybe a stop-motion Toy Story recap is already in production.

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