Pohang Creative Economy Innovation Center supports local youth creative exploration activities

Art Farm and Idea Sketch Education / Provided by Pohang City

Gyeongsangbuk-do Pohang City starts education to support the creative exploration activities of local youth and starts to nurture self-directed talents who will lead the future generation.

The Pohang Center for Creative Economy & Innovation will hold an art farm and idea sketch education for local elementary and middle school students a total of 8 times over 4 days, from the 19th to the 20th and from the 3rd to the 4th of December at the Change Up Ground event hall.

‘Art Farm’ education is a creative activity program that combines eco-friendly materials and electrical and electronic components through making LED animation devices and LED Christmas lighting devices.

In addition, the ‘idea sketch’ education is a creative program that learns the characteristics of sensors such as electrical and electronic components and expresses them with prototype works, such as sketching ideas to solve social problems.

This education aims to help students understand the functions of electronic components and derive ideas that solve social problems through activities in which students select materials, conceive topics, and create results on their own initiative.

A student who took the first class on the 19th said, “It was fun to be able to select materials and make animation devices myself.”

“It is meaningful to be able to provide education for creative activities of students who will lead the future generation,” said Anna Kyung, director of the Pohang Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. I hope it will be,” he said.

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