Pokémon cosplay: the best Ondine cosplay

By Javier Marso February 23, 2021 at 6:12 PM

Check out the best cosplays of Ondine, the most popular arena champion in the Pokémon license! We have selected 10 unique interpretations of the beautiful young trainer, enough to give a fairly complete panel …

Pokémon is still the joy of fans, between the remasters of games on Switch and the enormous popularity of playing cards. Let’s not even start on this subject since, as you doubt, we have already more-or-less said everything … If you still want to know more:

Pokémon Undine’s best cosplays

She has been a huge fan favorite since the first episodes of the series, and Ondine has remained in the hearts of many players ever since. Easy to understand when we see the popularity of the character who, moreover, forced the chains to censor episodes in Japan to be censored because of … his chest.

In short, although Misty was classified as one of the worst Pokémon characters as its usefulness seems to be limited to “Sacha’s girlfriend”, it is clear that the beauty has undeniable advantages. In any case, from a cosplay point of view.

10 remarkable Ondine cosplays

Named Misty in the English version and Kasumi in the original Japanese version, Ondine is still very popular today. Cosplayers regularly pay tribute to her and here is a selection of 10 unique interpretations, from the sexiest to the most wacky.

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