Pokémon, the cosplay of Azzurra by eki_holic is in the Twilight Wings version – Nerd4.life

Let’s go back to the parts of Pokémon for a new one cosplay about Azure (or Nessa, in the English version), protagonist of this other excellent cosplay by eki_holic, who reinterprets what is one of the most beloved recent characters by the public in the version taken from the anime Wings of Twilight.

The beautiful oriental cosplayer has already shown that she knows how to interpret the character at best and in this case she confirms it by choosing a different version of the Keelford Gym Leader, in Galar, specializing in water-type Pokémon.

The character in question is certainly among the most successful ones to emerge from Pokémon Sword and Shield and this was also demonstrated by his presence in Wings of Twilight, version anime from which this particular outfit chosen by eki_holic for this photo set is taken, rather elegant compared to the combat suit normally used in the game.

The cosplay resumes Azzurra in a moment of relaxation, one would say, in the company of Chinchou, the creature he is presented with within the anime in question.

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