Pokémon, the cosplay of Jessie of Helly Valentine shows a new Team Rocket – Nerd4.life

A few days ago we celebrated the Pokémon Day, e Helly Valentine he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to dedicate one of his last ones cosplay a Jessie, the female soul of Team Rocket!

The Russian model is rapidly climbing our ratings ratings, just think of her recent portrayals of Peach from Super Mario Bros., Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and an anonymous, sexy female NPC from Cyberpunk 2077.

In short, the beautiful Helly knows her stuff and wanted to reiterate it with this new set, obviously designed to enhance her shapes and therefore offer us a particularly sensual version of the character.

Returning to the Pokémon, in case you missed the latest presentation organized by Nintendo you can retrieve it here, watching the full video of Pokémon Presents.

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