Preferred Networks talks about AI production support–February 4th at “CNET Japan Live 2021”

CNET Japan will hold a large-scale online conference “CNET Japan Live 2021 ~ A new business that redefines common sense will open up an unprecedented era ~” over February (February 1-26, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) It will be held for 18 days on weekdays with a total of 20 lectures. The venue is Zoom Webinar. Pre-registration is required and the participation fee is free.

With the worldwide spread of the new coronavirus that occurred in 2020, telework, which had not been widespread in Japan until then, became commonplace, and the way of working when going to work was greatly revised. In addition, the number of people eating out has decreased, and the number of food delivery users has increased rapidly. While the methods of holding entertainment events that are crowded with people, such as live music and watching sports, are being reviewed, the ways to enjoy entertainment online are expanding further.

How will the value given to business, living, and people change in this new normal era? In addition, we will discuss what kind of new business will be born and the required human resources will change, with different guests every day.

On February 4th (16: 00-16: 40), Mr. Masaaki Fukuda, VP of Consumer Products, Preferred Networks, took the stage entitled “Digital Asset Generation Using Deep Learning and Challenges for New Expressions”. He will talk about support for the production of digital assets necessary for the development of animations, games, apps, etc. that utilize AI-related technologies, with examples.

Ryo Fujii, Editor-in-Chief of CNET Japan, will be the moderator on the same day. In the second half, we plan to set up a Q & A time to solicit questions from viewers.

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