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For many people, the first introduction to the Denyseries the critically acclaimed Nier: Automata to be. Yoko Taro’s special creation tells the story of the androids 2B and 9S who are sent back to Earth on behalf of humanity to deal with the robots that now rule there. However, in 2010 there were already two games that were almost the same, but had a different protagonist, namely Nier: shape on Nier: Replicant. Especially for the European market was the brother-sister story of Replicant adapted from a father-daughter story, as this would appeal to us more. Gestalt is therefore the only game that has been released here.

The success of Nier: Automata has made Square Enix think of a remake of Nier: Replicant could also catch on and the result will be in the shops at the end of this month. However, we were already provided with a preview version to write down our first impressions. You can read the result in this preview.

As said, it is running Nier: Replicant about a brother-sister story, where you take the role of the brother. Your sister Yonah has contracted a mysterious illness and it’s up to you to find a cure for it. You will receive the help of a special companion in the form of the book Grimoire Weisse who provides you with magical powers and a lot of hilarious commentary. The great thing is that the game also regularly makes fun of itself and does not take itself too seriously. Especially during sometimes particularly absurd animé situations, it is really enjoyable with the smart book.

Of course, the first thing you look at in a remake is the polished graphics. The original game was not a graphic gem and it is good to see that everything has had a major facelift. However, it must be said that Nier: Replicant is not really a nice game by current standards. The world is still pretty bare and bleak and this remake hasn’t really improved that. We also regularly see blurry textures. It is very pleasant to play the game in 60fps. The action is very smooth across your screen and during the battles you will certainly benefit from the better framerate.

It is clear that the makers of this remake have had in mind to bring the game more in line with the successor Automata. Both the fighting and the graphic style are similar, albeit in Automata are clearly better perfected. Also in terms of regular opposition Automata more interesting with her robots. In Replicant you fight against shadows that look a bit uninspired in our experience. The same cannot be said about the bosses. One of the bosses you face at first (and where you meet the scantily clad Kaine) is particularly impressive as a reptile covering almost an entire mountain face. These battles also consist of multiple stages, each offering a new challenge.

As it looks now, we can enjoy a special game at the end of this month that is certainly worth experiencing eleven years later.

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